BOLD was part of a dream that Al Casimiro (owner) has had for many years. He always wanted his own bar, and wanted that bar to be different from all the others around. Seeing how cigars were an enjoyment for him since a young boy, yes that is correct, he would smoke a cigar with his grand father while just a young lad, he wanted to pair the two together: cigar meets bourbon! He had enjoyed many years of a local cigar bar, and immediately after its closing, Al knew this was the time to take that leap. Behold, BOLD, A Premier Cigar Bar & Lounge was born. In just 42 days, Al, his wife Caitlin (Kate), and a team of close friends and family members created BOLD from the ground up. With many sleepless nights, long hard working days, frustrations (possibly sleeping in the storage closet once or twice) and set back after set back, BOLD opened successfully on March 13th, 2020 (yup, it was Friday the 13th!). The Grand Opening day was nothing short of a huge success and a proud moment to see so many people show up and enjoy it! But it was only 2 days later that the coronavirus (covid-19) forced the doors to close. Stressful? Oh….you know…maybe a little!! Ah well, moving on!


Having enjoyed many cigar bars and lounges throughout the world, Al knew he wanted to set his apart. Aiming for a sense of rustic mixed with modern touches, using a variety of mediums such as wood, metal, leather, and rich colors with dimmable lighting, BOLD was able to create the perfect place to relax, unwind, and smoke a premium stogie.

Al and his wife are virtually inseparable and enjoy living every aspect of life together, if possible. With that in mind, he knew he wanted BOLD to be attractive and comfortable for women as well. Kate was able to bring just the right amount of feminine touch into BOLD that has both men and women wanting to come back for more.


With an upgraded air filtration system, the atmosphere is not only tolerable, but very comfortable. Leather seating front to back offers an elegant and cozy touch, there is no bad seat in the house! Our team members are trained to serve you right where you are, so there is no need to ever approach the bar or leave your seat. We also offer complimentary cigar “fetching”, if you will. What this means is you converse with our staff on what kind of cigar you are looking for, or perhaps you know exactly what you want, and without ever leaving your seat, we will fetch it, cut and/or punch the end, and toast it for you. That’s not your style? No problem! Join us in the large walk-in humidor and have a look around!


BOLD is set up to offer a memorable experience for every cigar lover, & even newbies! No judgements here, just a like mind for the love of stogies and good conversation. Although this is a business, we also enjoy the friendships we make with each of our clients. Getting to know people is really what it’s all about. We strive to know each of our loyal customers by name and what they like.


The lounge offers a 7.1 surround sound experience, therefore you can enjoy music any day of the week. However, we will be adding Live Entertainment on the weekends as well, and for those that like to dance, have a good time, AND smoke a cigar…you’ve found the right place! Thank you for stopping by our page, we hope to see you here soon! Be BOLD!


– Al & Caitlin Casimiro and BOLD Team



Tuesday: 5pm-11pm
Wednesday: 5pm-11pm
Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Friday: 5pm-11pm
Saturday: 5pm-11pm


144 Fulton St E
Grand Rapids, MI 49503